Slate - Submarine Landslides and their impact on European continental margins

The over-arching aim of the European Training Network SLATE is two-fold:

  • to understand key factors triggering submarine landslides, the subsequent motion and evolution of failed material, as well as ensuing geohazards, e.g. tsunamis; and
  • to integrate an innovative broad range of scientific disciplines and private sector needs into a novel training-through-research and co-supervision of 15 ESRs.

SLATE focusses on investigating submarine landslides and associated geohazards as important natural risks that threaten offshore infrastructures and coastal regions in Europe. Submarine landslides can be far larger than any terrestrial landslide and can produce tsunami whose far reaching effects can rival those produced by earthquake-tsunamis, and which threaten increasingly populated European coastlines. Even small landslides can damage…


Research Expedition JC187 to the Congo Canyon
ESR 10, ESR 5, News | 2020-09-21

Kate and Maarten (ESRs 5 & 10) participated on research expedition JC187 to study submarine mass movements in this submarine canyon.

The EGU GA 2020 - a little different
@ Sharing Geoscience Online (4-8 May)

ESR 10, ESR 2, ESR 4, ESR 5, ESR 6, ESR 9, News | 2020-05-18

The biggest geoscience conference in Europe went online this year - but did it work? Read what our ESRs thought about this year’s EGU General Assembly, as conveners, authors/presenters and visitors.

4th Annual SLATE Workshop -
a virtual experience

News, Workshops | 2020-03-31

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and related mesures for social distancing, the 4th Annual SLATE Workshop was organized as a 2-day "virtual" core workshop (24-25 March 2020). Up to 33 participants joined this improvised workshop featuring ESR presentations, SB meeting and a "virtual" get-together...

Useful Information

Ob­ser­ving tur­bi­di­ty cur­rents in the wild:
Michael Clare on recent measurements  

Turbitidy currents are a fascinating sediment transport process! Don't miss Mike talking about new in­sights from di­rect field-sca­le mea­su­re­ments in the upcoming virtual MARUM Research Seminar on September 28 at 1:15 pm. Make sure to register for the ZOOM link!

Postponement due to COVID-19
@ ISSMMTC, Dublin, Ireland  

In light of the COVID-19 situation the ISSMMTC conference has been postponed to June 2021. Exact dates will be announced soon. Registrations are now suspended and refunds are offered to those already registered.

Sharing Geoscience Online
@ EGU 2020, Online  

The EGU has announced to cancel the physical EGU General Assembly 2020 in Vienna. Instead, they will host EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online (#shareEGU20), a week-long series of online activities held on May 4-8.