3rd Annual SLATE Workshop

@ ISMAR Bologna, Italy | 15-21/9/2019

The 3rd annual SLATE workshop was organised from 15 – 21 September 2019 at ISMAR (Institute of Marine Sciences) in Bologna, which is part of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Located in the direct vicinity of the Northern Apennine Mountains, it provided the perfect setting for this year’s focus:

post-failure mechanisms of submarine mass transports
           & their expression within the internal structures of resulting deposits

To provide a hands-on training experience for the participating ESRs (as well as interested students and colleagues), the workshop was combined with a 2-day field trip to handpicked outcrops in the area.

The workshop took off on Sunday, 15 September, with a full-day expert course on scientific writing given by project beneficiary Mike Clare (NOC Southampton), who tailored the course specifically to the needs of the ESRs, as these currently are in the process of preparing their first manuscripts.

  • This was followed by a 2-day core workshop including:
    Presentations by ESRs introducing and discussing their preliminary research results to all participating beneficiaries, partners and interested guests;
  • A dedicated poster session for in-depth discussions on the ESRs work;
  • semi-annual Personal Training and Career Development Committee (PCDP) meetings with main and co-supervisors;
  • presentations by new project partners from MIGRIS AS and VBPR AS (both Norway);
  • Key-note lectures on the workshop topic with contributions from Gian-Andrea Pini (University of Trieste), Kei Ogata (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Angelo Camerlenghi (OGS Trieste);
  • A supervisory board meeting to discuss upcoming events and plan for the next annual workshop

Wednesday, 18 September, was dedicated to the technical workshop training ESRs both theoretically and practically in a variety of aspects regarding the identification of structures inside fossil mass transport complexes and deposits. It was followed by a 2-day field trip to the Northern Apennines to apply the newly acquired skills and gain practical experience.

A second expert course was organised on the last day of the workshop, 21 September. Dr. Andrea Brunello from the Jet Propulsion Theatre gave a science dramaturgy course entitled “Creating an exiting story taking inspiration from science”, which aimed at teaching the participants fundamental elements for the creation of dramaturgic history that draws inspiration from scientific content.

  • ISMAR, Bologna, Italy
Public lecture
  • Tuesday, 17 September, 2 pm
    “Statistical models for the evaluation of landslide hazard. Terrestrial and extra-terrestrial cases”

    Dr. Maria Teresa Brunetti
    (IRPI CNR, Perugia)
Expert courses
  • Scientific writing
    Dr. Michael A. Clare
    (NOC Southampton)
  • Science dramaturgy: creating an exciting story taking inspiration from science
    Dr. Andrea Brunello
    (Jet Propulsion Theatre)
Technical workshop
  • field evidence and internal structure of mass transport deposits
    Gian-Andrea Pini
    (University of Trieste)