Monika's Research stay at Migris AS in Trondheim, Norway

Monika Wiebe, ESR 11 | 04-15/06/2018

One of the key tasks of my project is to simulate the migration and accumulation of free gas inside a submarine slope. The goal is to set up a model that considers seismic, core and heat flow data and calculates pore pressures. These can then be used as input for a geomechanical model that simulates failure. In order to accomplish this first step, a modelling software is needed that can simulate the movement of free gas. Such modelling software is used by the petroleum industry to simulate the migration of oil and gas.

Migris AS is a small company located in Trondheim, Norway, that has developed such a software. In June, I was able to visit this company for two weeks in order to learn how to use the software and how to apply it to my case. “My case” means the simulation of free gas migration inside the Tuaheni Landslide Complex offshore New Zealand. Seismic data and sediment cores from this area have been acquired during three recent cruises. These data serve as the basis for setting up my model.

In Trondheim I was welcomed warmly by Dr. Matthias Daszinnies who mainly took care of me during my stay. He supported me a lot in understanding how the software works and setting up a functioning model. During this process we had to make some adjustments to the usual setting-up of a model, as my case is different to the typical petroleum cases. Key differences are that my time scales are much smaller, and I do not need to include processes such as compaction.

Overall my research stay was very successful and helped me to progress in my project. I was able to leave with a simple model for the Tuaheni landslide case which I can improve and extend from here on. In addition to my work at Migris, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in a charming city and enjoyed hiking in the beautiful nature of Norway.

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  • 04-15/06/2018
  • Matthias Daszinnies