Slate - Submarine Landslides and their impact on European continental margins

The over-arching aim of the European Training Network SLATE is two-fold:

  • to understand key factors triggering submarine landslides, the subsequent motion and evolution of failed material, as well as ensuing geohazards, e.g. tsunamis; and
  • to integrate an innovative broad range of scientific disciplines and private sector needs into a novel training-through-research and co-supervision of 15 ESRs.

SLATE focusses on investigating submarine landslides and associated geohazards as important natural risks that threaten offshore infrastructures and coastal regions in Europe. Submarine landslides can be far larger than any terrestrial landslide and can produce tsunami whose far reaching effects can rival those produced by earthquake-tsunamis, and which threaten increasingly populated European coastlines. Even small landslides can damage very…


Thomas' secondment at Durham University
ESR 13, News, Secondments | 2019-08-14

Read the blog post from Thomas about his secondment in Durham, UK. Working abroad, building a network, and socialising.

Kate's 4-month secondment at NGI, Oslo
ESR 5, News, Secondments | 2019-07-26

Kate's blog on her 4-month secondment in Oslo. Learn more about numerical modelling of turbidity currents; work at NGI and life in Norway!

Impressions from the EGU 2019
@ Vienna, Austria (07 – 12 April 2019)

Conferences, ESR 1, ESR 12, ESR 13, ESR 14, ESR 15, ESR 2, ESR 3, ESR 4, ESR 5, ESR 6, ESR 7, ESR 8, ESR 9, News | 2019-07-23

ESRs share their experience at the EGU General Assembly 2019 hosted in Vienna, Austria. Posters, oral presentations, PICOs and much more.

Useful Information

Registration now open!
9th ISSMMTC conference, Dublin  

The registration for the 9th International Symposium on Subaqueous Mass Movements and Their Consequences (ISSMMTC) is now open - make sure to register before 30 November 2019 for early bird registration (regular €475, student €200)!

Registration deadline approaching
@ 34th IAS meeting, Rome  

The 34th International Meeting of Sedimentology organized by the IAS and the University of Roma is approaching fast. Make sure to meet the regular registration deadline on 15 August 2019.

Open position within SLATE
@MARUM, Universität Bremen  

Apply for a newly offered Early Stage Researcher position (full-time, duration of 18 month) within SLATE to work in the area of marine geosciences, particularly geophysics and numerical modelling. Deadline for the application is 8 August 2019.