Training activities

Young scientists employed in the framework of SLATE find an optimal research environment due to the close linkage betweeen all individual research projects (ESRs 1-15). An international and interdisciplinary context provides access to training in state-of-the-art methods and offshore technologies in world leading laboratories at both academic and non-academic partners.

Complementary to the individual specialized topics of each research project, SLATE offers a taylor-made training program where researchers will:

  • Receive local training to take advantage of specific expertise and facilities at their primary host institution.
  • Hold semi-annual meetings with a personal training and career development committee to monitor progress and develop milestones of the individual project.
  • Participate in network-wide training activities that comprise joint annual workshops, field workshops as well as transferable and complementary soft-skill courses (e.g., scientific writing, self- and time management, science dissemination and outreach).
  • Undertake secondments of approx. 6 months at other institutions participating in the network, preferably in the private sector.