Have you ever wondered how failure planes of submarine landslides work? Or what happens inside a submarine channel? Or how the 2018 Anak Krakatoa Tsunami developed? Look no further!

We are excited to announce the new SLATE webinar series! Dive into the world of submarine landslide research, enjoy exiting insights into current projects and discuss the most recent findings. From micro-mechanics of failure planes over time-lapse monitoring of turbidity currents to tsunami genesis, from case studies over laboratory experiments to numerical modelling – our Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) as well as invited guest speakers will take you on a journey through state-of-the-art topics to tackle open questions.

The SLATE webinar series intends to provide a platform for young researchers to present themselves and their project results in front of a large audience within and outside of the SLATE consortium. Especially after the postponement and/or cancellation of many of 2020’s conferences due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide alternate means for scientific exchange.

The webinar series will be organized on a fortnightly basis, always on a Wednesday from 12 – 1 pm (GMT+2) via the platform ZOOM.

NOTE: please direct password requests for recorded webinars to info@itn-slate.eu

Previous SLATE webinars:

SLATE webinar #21
NGI Oslo
10 November 2021

SLATE webinar #20
Derek E. Sawyer
27 October 2021

SLATE webinar #19 Stefano Collico
29 September 2021

SLATE webinar #18
Davide Mencaroni
15 September 2021

SLATE webinar #17
Ricarda Gatter
1 September 2021

SLATE webinar #16
Nan Wu
21 July 2021

SLATE webinar #15
Anthony Shorrock
7 July 2021

SLATE webinar #14
Euan L. Soutter
16 June 2021

SLATE webinar #13
Dr. Benjamin Bellmann
2 June 2021

SLATE webinar #12
Michael J Steventon
19 May 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #11
Tugdual Gauchery
5 May 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #10
Ting-Wei Wu
14 April 2021

SLATE webinar #9
Lewis Bailey
31 March 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #8
Jonathan Ford
17 March 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #7
Matthias Rauter
3 March 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #6
Irena Schulten
17 February 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #5
Kate Heerema
3 February 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #4
Maarten Heijnen
20 January 2021
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #3
Shray Badhani
9 December 2020
recorded video [MP4]

SLATE webinar #2
Thomas Zengaffinen-Morris
25 November 2020

SLATE webinar #1
Rachel Barrett
11 November 2020