Multi and single-stage marine landslides in the Central Mediterranean: causes and recurrences

Tugdual Gauchery | ISMAR Bologna


Predisposing factors to margin instability include a variety of external causes such as earthquakes, tectonic setting, interstitial fluid flow and fast rates of sediment accumulation, especially at the edge of the continental shelf and in the upper slope. ESR3 project will focus on three case studies located in the Central Mediterranean Sea with the aim of identifying the different mechanisms of failure and the deriving hazard on coastal and marine infrastructures, such as some existing oil&gas installations. These case studies are hosted in different geodynamic contexts (back-arc, foredeep and foreland basins) with quite the most diverse stratigraphic architecture and morphology of the continental margin, seismotectonic settings, uplift rates and seismicity. The project will try to gain general conceptual models on concurrent and/or prevailing triggering mechanisms and recurrence from the analysis of these three specific slopes. The candidate will work in a composite research environment and will have to combine data and information from sedimentology, structural geology, seismic stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, tephrostratigraphy to assess the age of the different displaced masses. Quantitative geomorphometry will be used also to reconstruct slide dynamics, especially to constrain multi-stage failures. The candidate will apply numerical models with focus on the rheology and multi-layer/multi-stage structure of the landslides and their coupling to tsunami generation. Geotechnical data will be eventually acquired in a later stage of the project and will be used in models of risk and damage scenarios on marine infrastructures. Participation in and co-organization of joint and national cruises will be requested.

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Tugdual Gauchery
PhD student – ESR 3
Marzia Rovere
Principal Investigator – ESR 3
Fabio Trincardi
Principal Investigator – ESR 3


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