All members of the SLATE network (beneficiaries, partner organisations, ESRs as well as interested colleagues, invited guests and key note speakers) will participate in four Joint Annual Workshops. Each of these week-long workshops will have a tailor-made layout according to their specific, theme-related goals:

  • Introduction / Kick-off
  • Pre-failure (preconditioning)
  • Post failure dynamics and tsunami modelling
  • Risk assessment, frequency & societal aspects

The workshops allow the ESR students to present and discuss their own research work (i.e. concepts, results, working hypotheses, further steps) with all SLATE members, thus providing a platform for cross-disciplinary discussions and fast-tracking dissemination. Key note speakers from different sectors will deliver additional knowledge and further information linked to the SLATE project, while technical workshops and expert courses as well as field excursions will provide high-level training opportunities.

© V. Diekamp
© V. Diekamp

Workshop Archive

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4th Annual SLATE Workshop –
a virtual experience

News, Workshops

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and related mesures for social distancing, the 4th Annual SLATE Workshop was organized as a 2-day “virtual” core workshop (24-25 March 2020). Up to 33 participants joined this improvised workshop featuring ESR presentations, SB meeting and a “virtual” get-together…


3rd Annual SLATE Workshop
@ ISMAR Bologna, Italy

News, Workshops

The 3rd Annual SLATE Workshop took the participants to ISMAR Bologna close to the Northern Apennines in Italy (15-21 September 2019). This years’ focus was on the internal structures of submarine mass transport deposits as preserved in terrestrial outcrops.


2nd Annual SLATE Workshop
@ EAWAG Kastanienbaum, Switzerland

News, Workshops

The 2nd Annual SLATE Workshop took the participants to the EAWAG Kastanienbaum at the shore of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland (9-16 September 2018). A 2-day technical workshop introduced the ESRs to various aspects of on- and offshore mass movements, earthquake-triggered landslides, mass-movement triggered tsunami and their deposits.


1st Annual SLATE Workshop (20-25 November 2017)
@ MARUM, Bremen, Germany

News, Workshops

ESRs, PIs, associated partners and invited international experts came together in November 2018 for the 1st Annual SLATE Workshop, which took place at MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany. The kick-off workshop introduced and discussed research and training aims within the SLATE project, while providing the novice ESRs with a state-of-the-art review of submarine landslide research as well as technical workshops and expert courses to create a common working base. Further emphasis was put on the establishment of contacts between the partners and the development of strong research synergies that will continue throughout (and hopefully beyond) the life cycle of the SLATE project.

1st SLATE Supervisory Board meeting (15-16 March 2017)
@ MARUM, Bremen, Germany

News, Workshops

The 1st Supervisory Board meeting of the International Training Network SLATE was successfully held at MARUM, Bremen, on 15-16 March 2018. PIs and associated partners of the project, funded by the European Union’s EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, came together in order to discuss and finalize the aims and structure of the project as well as the roadmap for the upcoming recruitment phase. The main focus of the two-day meeting was set on the following topics