ESR 6: Pore pressure development in marine sediments

Davide Mencaroni | CSIC Barcelona


The build-up of continental margins, their sedimentary characteristics and stratigraphic patterns control fluid migration pathways and how, when and where excess pore pressure develops. Such excess pore pressure is one of the key factors governing the onset of slope instability. Yet, the mechanisms by which such excess pore pressures and consequent reduction in shear strength develop remains elusive in many instances. The ESR6 project will focus on understanding how strength, permeability and compressibility develop/evolve with burial depth and identifying the mechanisms of pore pressure development and relationship to the timing and location of slope failures. The candidate will perform mechanical tests to characterize changes in strength, permeability and compressibility with burial history and develop basin numerical models incorporating data from mechanical tests and geophysics to recognize fluid migration pathways and the mechanisms at the origin of pore pressure and slope failure development

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Davide Mencaroni
PhD student – ESR 6
Roger Urgeles
Principal Investigator – ESR 6


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